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Yvon Insulation has over 40 years of experience in the Insulation installation business. Our long established company has been providing efficient, reliable service as an insulation contractor to the Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Grimsby, Burlington, Brantford and Guelph markets. Our company offers an extensive variety of insulation products in residential, commercial & industrial installation settings. At Yvon Insulation, we believe that a healthy environment is one that is clean, dry, well insulated and well ventilated.

Ontario’s skyrocketing energy costs and seasonal temperature extremes are inflating our energy bills and pushing our heating and cooling systems to their limits. Our company’s considerable experience has taught us that proper home insulation (home attic insulation in particular) can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 50%. The cost of upgrading your home insulation will quickly pay for itself with your measurable home energy savings over months and years to come. Yvon Insulation’s efficient and effective insulation installation contractors have the equipment, manpower, and extensive training to handle all of your residential and commercial insulation projects, regardless of the scale. Our company is often able to complete residential insulation jobs in less than a single day!

Our residential services include:

  • spray foam insulation
  • batt insulation
  • blown-in insulation
  • exterior insulation
  • attic insulation
  • ceiling insulation
  • insulation removal
  • ice damming
  • mold removal
  • basement blanket insulation
  • fiberglass sheet insulation
  • wall insulation
  • and more!

Some of the high quality insulation products we specialize in include:

  • Blown-in insulation
  • Polyurethane spray foam
  • Fiberglass batts
  • Roxul insulation
  • and more!

At Yvon Insulation, providing each of our residential and commercial customers with outstanding customer support and service is our highest priority. Our company will provide you with a Free In-Home Assessment to determine your specific insulation needs. Contact Yvon Insulation today to have one of our certified insulation installers come out and show you how upgrading your insulation can make your home healthier, more comfortable and energy-efficient for you and your family.

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