Air Sealing & Ventilation

Air sealing and ventilation are both vital in providing your home with an optimal, healthy environment. A proper air sealing and ventilation system will increase comfort as well as energy savings and keep your home’s air fresh, healthy and free of pollutants.

Air Sealing

Caulking and weatherproofing are part of the air sealing process, and are important for keeping your indoor environment protected from the elements. Air sealing is also particularly important in keeping out dampness and humidity, which have the potential to cause deterioration, bacterial growth and mold. Air sealing is a process which includes using a spray foam insulation to fill any openings or cracks to prevent any moisture or fluctuation in the air flow.


Once your home is air tight and free of drafts, proper ventilation is necessary to ensure proper air flow in and out of your home without inviting in contaminants and moisture. This is essential for creating a healthy, comfortable home environment. A ventilation system consists of a mechanical system which removes the stale air and brings in fresh air without disrupting the air tight building. A careful balance between insulation, air sealing and ventilation is necessary to create the healthiest, most energy efficient environment for your home.

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